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The team consists of enthusiastic academic researchers, entrepreneurs, analysts, traders, hackers, and cryptocurrency lovers—experienced in business, traditional finance, and the emergent blockchain technologies.

Founder and CEO

Ashton has over 10 years experience in business, financial markets, and emerging technologies. Since 2016, Blockchain Partners has collected over a million data points in cryptocurrency markets and has invested in 30+ successful ICOs.


Ashton was directly involved in the development of an algorithmic trading bot that took $200 thousand to $12 million in just three months through a test environment. He was also responsible for building one of the largest e-commerce stores in the Middle East serving over 12,000 customers and shipping 50,000+ products.


Previously, Ashton also founded the Innovate Society, an Australian non-profit organisation aimed at replicating human tissue using 3D printing and blockchain technology. Ashton has studied modules in computer science & human behavioural biology from Stanford University.

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